Essential Spring Wardrobe Items

FINALLY SPRING IS HERE! Warm weather, sunshine, blue skies, and green grass. Not only does spring mean that we are one step closer to summer, but also helps lift up our moods! Bust most importantly spring fashion. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year because of all the unique fashion aspects. We can finally put those bulky turtleneck sweaters and ugg boots away.  It now time for ankle jeans, skirts, floral prints, denim, light colors, flats, and much more! Spring time allows for so much versatility in your wardrobe and I am going to talk about some of the ESSENTIAL items you need in your closet this spring.

Lets start from top to bottom. One of my favorites, and probably most worn, is my denim button down shirt. This shirt can be worn with every type of outfit. I wear it to school, work, and on date-nights. It can be dressed up with a dress or a skirt and dressed down with a pair of leggings or colored pant. The denim shirt allows for a little personality to go a long way and a great way to add some layering to your outfit. Not only is it one of the hottest items this spring, but also the most comfortable!

Next, floral print tops. Personally I am in love with floral. Florals are a perfect transition top into spring. The vibrant colors are eased into your wardrobe little by little without being overwhelmed. Floral tops can either be added into your everyday outfit with a dressy blouse, flowly short sleeve or even a simple tank! The floral tops also make me happy because I think of the beauty of nature and all the flowers blooming right outside my door. (Perfectly paired with the denim top underneath)

Ankle jeans and colored pants. I am in love with ankle jeans. They are a timeless choice and super flattering on any body type. Dress them up with open toed booties or dress down with an pair of Addidas sneakers. Colored Jeans are a perfect way to ease away from the greys and blacks and into the blushes and blues. I have a personal favorite of a pair of ankle blush jeans that I wear all the time! (Perfectly paired with the denim shirt and floral tank underneath)

Last but not least SHOES! Out of every time of spring essential you could have, shoes are definitely the most important. The shoes you wear are who you are;  they are what is bringing your graceful self from place to place as you move throughout your busy days. This spring is all about flats. That may bet be loafers, sneakers, ballet flats, the choice is yours! The pair that I find most essential and versatile to my wardrobe are the quilted slip on sneakers. They are the perfect in-between for a flat and a sneaker. Comfortable enough to wear all day and up-scale enough to wear to work or school. (Perfectly paired with the denim shirt, floral tank, and a colored pant underneath)

You guys now have all of my essential spring wardrobe items. All of these can be found at any local boutique or any retail department store. Dress them up or dress them down. Wear to school, wear to work, or even to brunch with the girls! The choice if yours but make sure to wear what makes YOU feel pretty and feel good about YOURSELF.

P.S. Check the parenthesis to find out my favorite spring outfit from top to bottom for you guys to try out!


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