Communicating Organically

Face to face communication, the thing most of us hate and dread. Because today’s world has become engrossed in technology, the societal norm of communicating has been over the internet or through social media. This has led to people developing serve anxiety due to the fact that they actually have to talk to people in person, face to face, organically. But the thing is, the ability to communicate with one another is the thing that sets us apart. Its the attribute that makes human kind unique and we should not throw that away because of the advancement of technology.

People have gotten used to having the time to craft the perfect text message, email, and even Facebook post through the use of smart phones. All this time spent on premeditating and  “crafting” the content of your message, has taken away form the organic natural of a communication interaction. .  This leads to a communication interaction that no longer has any value. The message is not sincere, but rather a formation of words and emojis that is no longer meaningful. Have you ever typed a message and then completely deleted the whole thing because you didn’t think the person was going to respond to what you said? I know we all have. This type of communication does not allow us to form long-lasting relationships with other people. Instead, it leads to friendships and relationship where the people are sitting on their phones playing games or on social media when they are “hanging out”.

Let’s take a few steps back in time for a moment. Remember back in the olden days when social media didn’t exist and technology wasn’t so advanced. That’s when communication and relationships where at an all time high. There was no playing games with your partner when it came to communicating. Leaving a person “on-read” was not a signal or message that someone wasn’t in to you. There was no emoji. There was no “crafting” the perfect text message to tell a person how you feel.  There was no sitting on your phone when you were “hanging out” with your friends. There was adventure. There was true love. There was organic communication. There were marriages that didn’t end up divorce 50% of the time. Everything was natural and organic back then; the relationships, the friendships, the communication interactions, the people themselves.

It’s like when we log on social media or use our smart phones we put on this mask. A mask that hides who we truly are and what we truly want to say. Its a mask that takes away our ability to communicate organically and express the way we feel. Because of this mask, we have entered a time period where the communication  interactions between people are no longer dynamic, no longer fluid, and most importantly no longer organic. It’s when you start altering the things you say because you are afraid of the response that the communication interaction is no longer organic.

There is no need to have anxiety or be scared to talk to people face to face. Because this type of communication is natural. When you are in person communicating, you do not have the time to “craft” the content of your message. It comes naturally, your thoughts, your words, your communication interaction. Face to face organic communication allows for relationships and friendships to be made based on value and meaningful conversation. You are discovering real reasons why you want this person in your life. Here, there are no games, no mixed signals, and no getting left “on read”.

I don’t know about you guys but I’d much rather go back to the days where everything wasn’t premeditated. So, take a minute. Think about the way you communicate with the people who are important to you. Is it organic? Or is everything you say perfectly “crafted” because you want them to like you. The fix for this is simple. Stop overthinking every single thing. Don’t worry about what people are going to think or say. Say what you feel, say what comes to mind right then and there. Be who you are and stop shifting your viewpoints and communication interactions because of societal norms. Be organic.

P.S. All it takes is a recognition of the communication issue to fix  it. Communication is key.



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