Spring Break and Social Media

This post is going to be targeted at my college student audience out there. So, last week was spring break for most of us. Now I don’t know about you guys but I was not on some tropical island drinking with all my friends. Instead I was catching up on some much needed sleep, homework, and oh did I forget WORKING. But most importantly, sitting on social media looking at everyone’s snapchats and instagrams of them in bikinis on the beach.

What is even worse is that not only was I glued to my phone all week, but the feelings of jealously, envy, and depression even emerged from seeing all of the people have so much fun while I sat home. I was jealous I was not spending my week relaxing in the sun. I was envious of them partying all day and night with their best friends. The feelings of depression started to kick in when I saw just how skinny and perfect the girls looked in their bikinis.

I began comparing myself to them. I looked at them and saw everything I wasn’t. I began to nitpick every insecurity and everything that I saw wrong with my body. I felt so sad that I did not have all the cute clothes they had, I did not have their tans, and most of all I did not have a big ass and a tiny toned waist that they did. I saw the hundreds and hundreds of likes all these girls were getting on their spring break photos and thought to myself, wow look at all these likes, people must really think they are pretty. I compared their pictures to mine and thought I guess people do not think I am as pretty as them since they arn’t liking my picture.

But here’s the thing, why even bother comparing yourself to anyone? Why even bother trying so hard to be someone you aren’t? Why even bother letting someone else decide your opinion of yourself? You are not them and there are probably about 100 people who like you for everything you are. People like you because are different and that is okay. The opinion you have of yourself is the only one that matters, no one else’s. It is so important to remember who you are and not let what other people do affect your life or they way you see yourself.

Now we all know for next spring break or next time we see everyone on vacation while we are home. First, get off social media and focus on what is happening around you. Second, stop comparing yourself to the people you see in the pictures on social media (it probably took them 3 hours to take one photo). Lastly, remember who you are. Do not change your opinion of yourself or who you are to fit the like or wants of others.

P.S.  If I knew who all my reader were I’d definitely like you for you and no one else 🙂


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