Decluttering- What do Actually you Need to be Happy in Life?

It is that time of the year again. SPRING CLEANING. Everyone’s favorite time of the year to  declutter and get rid of all the materialistic things you no longer need in your life. Most people have the mindset that the more they have, the more they will be happy. That my friends is not true. Increasing the amount of material things you have will not increase your happiness. In my opinion, it will do the opposite by increasing your anxiety and stress levels.

So, what is decluttering? Decluttering is not throwing out everything that makes you happy to make room in you life and home. It is just a simplified way of living. A life lived simply with things that only serve a purpose. When you declutter your life, you own less materialistic things. This means fewer items to organize and less stress have to worry about these things. It also allows you to reallocate the money to things you are more passionate about such as traveling or making more memories with your family/loved ones.

My point here is not for you go home after reading this and throw out everything you own. Instead, it is about taking the time to evaluate the things you do own. Its to think about the items you own and ask yourself if this piece is item still brings a value to your life. Something else to think about while you are doing this, the things that once added value to your life in the past are not gong to remain the same. It is not about owning less things and depriving yourself from certain things, but rather finding what’s more important and add value to your life and brings your happiness.

A minimalism and decluttering podcast I listened too suggested some really cool ideas on how to try and  limit the clutter in your life. I like the 99 idea where you ask yourself, “have I used this in the last 99 days and will I use it in the next”. I think this can help at a lot of people re-evaluate what is truly important in their lives. Another idea is that instead of having people get gifts for you for the holidays, share an experience together or a meal with them. We all have so much stuff in our life and truly spending quality time with our loved ones bring more joy to your life then a gift will.

P.S. Don’t forget to live they lifestyle that you want to live. Do not let anyone or anything keep you from what you are passionate about.


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