Making Workout Clothes Fashionable

As a lover of both the fashion and exercise worlds, I used to always think that the two were completely separate. Fashion was for cute shoes and dresses and exercise was for ugly gym  clothes that became drenched in sweat. I would dress fashionable during the day but when I went to go workout,  I put  on a  raggedy  t-shirt and a pair of old running shorts. What I have now discovered is that you can also look cute while working out!

Finally, there is an end to my dilemma. So many different companies are coming out with activewear that is not only affordable but also cute and fashionable. There are so many websites out there now where you can get cute workout clothes. So, why not take advantages of the two things I love and put them together. Say goodbye to the plain black leggings and white tank top while exercising.

Say hello to the bright colored tops, floral printed sports bras, and mesh splattered print leggings. I have found that with the newly discovered workout clothes I am more excited to go to the gym, yoga, or running. Going back to my tip from my previous blog post, “look good, feel good, do good”. This could not be more true in regards to exercising. When you put on a cute workout outfit and add the pair of matching sneakers, you are more motivated to get out there and achieve your personal workout goals.

Some of the places where I like to buy my workout clothes from are: Fabletics, Marshall’s, Old Navy, and even Target! All of these places offer cute and super affordable workout clothes. Fabletics usually runs a promotion where you can either get your first outfit for $25 or two pairs of leggings for $24. Marshall’s has tons of cute name brand active wear on sale ranging between $10-$16 a piece. Old Navy even has workout tops on sale for as low as $10. I have also recently discovered the active wear section of Target that is now expanding  where they are now selling all different brands of activewear. Their prices arn’t as inexpensive as the other companies but still super cute!

I hope that you all can go re-vamp your workout clothes to make you feel more motivated while looking  fashionable.

P.S. My favorite place is Fabletics!


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