Taking the Stress out of Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I broke this post up into two parts depending on the characteristics of the reader!

Advice for those who are sad/depressed they do not have a significant other on Valentine’s Day and think they are going to cry all day watching rom-coms:

Valentine’s Day is a very favorite holiday of mine because it is all centered around the one thing we need most in our busy and hectic lives – love. Valentine’s day is not all about the chocolates, the flowers ( flowers are always nice though), and sappy love letters, but more along the lines of taking a few extra steps to show that special person in you life how much you appreciate them. That special person does not have to be a romantic partner, but maybe just your mom/dad, brother/sister, grandma/grandpa/, or even a friend.

No matter who the person is, my advice to you all is to do something nice for that person (whoever it may be) that you do not normally do. Put down the Ben and Jerry’s, turn off the Nicholas Spark’s movie and do something for someone you love. Whether it is brining home their favorite dinner, offering to get their coffee in the morning, or even something as simple as helping out around the house. All it takes is a tiny bit of effort to make it known to the person you love that they are appreciated and valued.

Even if you do decide that you don’t want to do anything nice for someone else, do it for you! Go out and get your hair done, get a mani/pedi, or buy a new outfit. Do something that emphasizes the love you have for yourself. Nothing is better than being able to reflect on how beautiful and how much your presence on this Earth is appreciated. Remember to always love yourself and treat yourself every once in a while.

Advice for all my millennial girls who are stressing about wanting to make it that “perfect night”:

My special someone for the past two years Valentine’s Day years has been my loving, handsome, amazing boyfriend. Since I fit into the category of a female millennial, the past two years my Valentine’s Day has been very stressful for myself as many of yours has probably been too. Like myself, know most of you girls are stressing out about trying to find that perfect red dress and hoping that your boyfriend takes you to the most expensive or fanciest restaurant in the area. But lets take a minute to think… Do we honestly think our boyfriends are even going to notice the time and effort we put into picking out our outfit, probably not. They think we look beautiful in jeans and a white tee-shirt. Is how much your boyfriend loves you based on the restaurant he picks to take you out to dinner, definitely not. His love is based on the way he treats and appreciates you.

I know society these days puts a lot of emphasis of having everything to be perfect, planned, and orchestrated. But instead, put the expectations and pressures of society to the side for a day. Instead, try and focus on feeling good and feeling pretty in whatever you decide to wear. Be thankful that you have someone special that you love to go out to dinner to celebrate with. Don’t waste the day being stressed out about an outfit or the restaurant or how the night is going to end. Think about the ways you are going to communicate and demonstrate  the reasons why you love your special person and why they are important in your life. This day is suppose to be filled with love and happiness, not stress and anxiety.

P.S. I hope you all get flowers and do something nice for someone else 🙂




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