Relaxing ways to End the Day

We all have those days that we feel are never ending. Whether it was a hard day at work, you bombed a test, or just finished a super hard workout; at some point in the day we are all looking forward to laying down in our beds. Sometimes, we need some relaxing ways to destress, clear our minds, and get ready for the glorious sleep that is about to come. Instead of just having a quick shower and jumping right into bed, I have come up with a few different relaxing ways to end the day.

The one thing I would NOT suggest doing is playing on your phone while you are trying to get ready for bed. I know this can be hard for a lot of people but no good will come out of it. Instead of getting into a relaxing mood, you will feel anxious, worried, and maybe even develop FOMO (fear of missing out). The whole point in trying to relax your mind and body before bed is to focus on yourself and your needs, not what everyone else in the world is doing. If you must keep your mind busy before bed, pick up a book, magazine, or even a cross word puzzle to help tire out the mind and eyes.

The idea that I think is a super relaxing way to end the day is a bubble bath. Yes, I mean the full blown bubbles, candles (surf wax flavored), glass of an alcoholic beverage or whatever you enjoy, and some Lana Del Ray playing in the background. Now of course you can alter any of these components to fit your own needs, but those are my favorite things regarding a bubble bath that help me mellow down and destress. Lay there in the warm bubbly water, put you head back, close your eyes, and just listen to the music playing in the background. Don’t think about anything that is due tomorrow or next week, think about yourself. Think about washing away all of the tensions and anxieties that day brought. Relax your soul. P.S. lock the door to make sure there are no interruptions!

My next suggestion and probably one of my favorite things to do at night,is snuggling up with my dogs (depending if all three will stay put in my tiny twin size bed). This is so relaxing and allows you and your furry friends to get all warm and cozy in bed. Especially during the winter months, your pets are basically a super warm blanket that keeps you warm but also loves you. As you pet them and as they give you some goodnight licks (kisses), all the stress from that day will slowly melt away. Not only is it a relaxing tactic for you but it is also good for your pet. It is nice to show them just how much they mean to you and how much you love them! Unfortunately, one of my pups is an extremely loud snorer, so once she is asleep I have to relocate her to another room so I can sleep.

I hope that these ideas can help all of you to end your stressful and busy lives in a relaxing way.




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