Hot Yoga/Hot Barre For Newbies

I have recently gotten into the hot yoga trend, in particular core power yoga and hot barre  that everyone has been wondering about. The type of yoga and barre I do is NOT just stretching or in any way, shape, or form, easy. Let’s just set that straight from the beginning of my post. Both hot yoga and barre are very vigorous classes that challenge your body and mind to push yourself to new lengths.

The hot yoga classes I attend are mixtures between of Birkram yoga, which is a form of yoga practiced in a heated room ranging between 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit and Core Power Yoga, which focuses on strengthening your upper and lower body, back, core muscles, along with improving your cardiovascular endurance . The class focuses on using your own resistance and body weight with the use of planks, push-ups, and many more to create an all around sculpted  mind, body, and soul.

Hot barre is similar to hot yoga in the sense that the rooms are both heated between the same Fahrenheit degrees. What makes hot barre different is that you use a ballet barre, bands, and light weights, and a ball throughout the duration of the class. Hot barre targets the upper body, abs, thighs, and glutes. The small movements of your body is focused on three to four inches in order to stay in the contraction of the muscle. The short and intense sets of body movements help to tire the muscle out quickly, followed by a quick stretch, and sip of water to create toned muscles.

Since starting the hot yoga and hot barre classes, not only have I lost weight, but I have also become more in tune with my body. I have started to create a sort of mind and body connection to help nourish my soul. I have noticed that after the class have I produced buckets of sweat, but my entire body feels cleansed from all the the toxins that day brought. In the 60 or 75 minutes, I dedicate that time for eliminating all the stress in my life and instead use that time to focus on myself and the things my body needs to stay healthy.

I would highly recommend taking hot yoga or hot barre classes for anyone who is interested. I would suggest doing some beginner yoga classes in a heated environment in order to get your body used to exercising in the heat. The particular studio I go to is called Hot and Soul Yoga located in Middletown, NJ and the instructors are amazing. I hope that from reading this post you guys have become more informed and even influenced to go and try out a class for yourself!

Please feel free to check out my Instagram for more info and pictures!


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