So, what does it mean to be balanced or have balance? Here is some background. As you guys can see my blog title is Balanced and Busy. This concept derives from me wanting to keep balance in my busy life. The question then remains,  what does a person need or have to do in order to have balance in their own lives.

The Google definition of balance is “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” My definition differs slightly. In my opinion, balance means equal or in another sense, moderation. Its about giving and then taking or taking and then giving.

In terms of balancing your own life, it is about not only exercising all the time, or not constantly working. Its figuring out how to equally distribute the little amount time you are given on this Earth. Do you spend time with your family or go hangout with your friends? Do you go to the gym or stay late at work to finish paperwork? These are the questions that we ask ourselves throughout our day. In order create balance, you need to be able to do things in moderation and make time for what’s truly meaningful in your life. It is important to not only do the same thing over and over again because you will be missing out on all the other things that have the ability to make you happy.

By equally distributing your time between all the things that bring value and happiness in your life, you create balance. A balance within your soul and your life. It is not always easy to find this kind of balance but with time and effort you will not regret your decision.

The past few months I have been working so hard to create balance in my life. A life that is a balance between college, two jobs, relationships, fitness, and time for myself. What I have discovered is that its achievable. Time can always be made for the things or people you value. Maybe that means skipping the movies with your friends in order to spend time with your family, or skipping the opportunity to work late in order to squeeze in some gym time and then the next day you do the opposite. You give and then you get or you get and then you give. All it takes are little sacrifices and moderation in order to create balance.


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